Okker Art Gallery toont, van zaterdag 28 februari t/m zaterdag 4 april, werk van de fotografen Mel Bagshaw en Marc Erwin Babej. U bent van harte uitgenodigd om deze expositie te komen bekijken op Vijzelstraat 125 in Amsterdam.

Mel Bagshaw:
“Since becoming a freelance photographer he has pursued a singular vision with works that delve behind the ordinary and find the trauma, theatre and filmic possibilities beneath the surface. Bagshaw’s photographs adopt the language of fashion with their staged poses, constructed environments, attention to detail and careful choice of clothes and accessories.”

Marc Erwin Babej:
“Marc is deeply committed to black-and-white photography, for two reasons: First, he is color blind. Knowing that the color information his brain receives is incorrect, he has learned to discard it in his mind. Second, he appreciates that black-and-white doesn’t show the world as it really is – which supports his intent of creating a deliberative distance between viewer and subject.”

Meer werken en informatie zijn te vinden op deze website. De expositie is in samenwerking met Amstel Gallery tot stand gekomen.

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