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Nissim Men, born in 1960 in Tel Aviv, Israël. Visual artist and photographer Nissim Men (1960) was born in Tel Aviv. He studied photography at the Academy of Art and Design Bezalel in Jerusalem and has worked and traveled extensively around the world.

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Presently, he is Amsterdam based. The work of Nissim Men has evolved over the years from street photography, to staged and digital photography, to fine art digital photography.

Digital fine art photography
The artist uses mixed media, where digital photography meets paint, where inspiration meets skill and craftsmanship, to create uniquely original vibrant compositions.

Central Theme: Legacy
The concept of legacy, that which connects past, present and future, is central throughout Nissim Men’s body of work.
Distinction is made in three categories:
Legacy of Free Spirit – Symbolic Art Photography
Legacy of Emotions – People Portraits
Legacy of Time & Place – City Portraits and Company Portraits

Conceptual Thoughts
The category “Legacy of Free Spirit” are works that represent the personal legacy of the artist’s spirit and vision. The remaining two categories of Legacy compositions are journeys through the visual storytelling of:
-emotional moments in someone’s life
-highlights in the life of an organization/institution/company
-a city’s life in one detailed portrait which captures its essence: A walk along its impressive buildings, its prominent places.

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