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De mens staat altijd centraal in mijn werk. Ik probeer gevoelens en bewegingen van mensen te vangen en daarna te vertalen en weer te geven op doek of in brons. Het spanningsveld moet er zijn, want het is altijd een gevecht, tussen mijn observatie en de vertaling ervan.

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Collection Astrid Huisman – Biemans


Over Astrid Huisman – Biemans

Astrid Huisman-Biemans is a Dutch sculptor who works the most with bronze. She makes sculptures for indoors and outdoors. Her works can be found in many galeries in Europe. Her work is approachable for everyone.

In her own words

“I believe in the beauty of everyday. If you look very carefully at what is going on around you and you take the time to consider it all, you will see that beauty – that life force- too. My aim is to demonstrate how beautiful life is, particularly in these times when it is so incredible rare for people to pay real attention to anything. I hope that my artworks will inspire you. My bronze sculptures, drawings and other works reveal the power of human imagination. As you brows through my artworks, you will see that they are filled with powerful emotions such as melancholy, vulnerability, and positivity. Clearly recurrent themes in my work include friendship, balance, the commonplace, a lust for life and togetherness. I like to play with human relationships and I work with a unique play of lines. I allow my figures to dance and spring  and come to life.”


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