Eugéne Brands: ‘The collection’

From October 9th till November 6th 2022, Okker Art Gallery organized an exhibition about the works of painter Eugéne Brands. The exhibition was opened by Eugenie Brands, the daughter of Eugéne Brands. The exhibition showed 37 works of Brands from the period 1951 to 1997. There was also a catalogue published to celebrate the exhibition. The

Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam 2022

From 26 – 30 October, the Affordable Art Fair 2022 took place at the Kromhouthal in Amsterdam. At the Affordable Art Fair, all the works that are sold have a maximum price of €7.500,-. This makes the art fair accessible for everyone – from young and inexperienced buyers to veterans in the art world. At the

NAARDEN the Art Fair 2023

In 2023, the 25th edition of Naarden the Art Fair was organized. Naarden the Art Fair is a fair that focuses on art and antiques. With its large offer of early modern, modern and contemporary arts and antiques, Naarden the Art Fair is a versatile art fair. In Naarden, both Okker Art Gallery and Tom

Artsy viewing room ‘Karel Appel’

Nico koster photographer

In the late summer of 2023, Okker Art Gallery hosted an online exhibition through a so-called ‘Viewing Room’ at the online platform This exhibition was titled ‘Karel Appel’ and showed works of the Dutch painter. In the exhibition, various works of Karel Appel were shown, during different periods of his life, and therefore in

NAARDEN the Art Fair 2024

In the beginning of 2024, from 25 – 28 January, we will exhibit a broad collection of artworks at the 26th edition of Naarden the Art Fair. Okker Art Gallery will open up the year 2024 with a booth and exhibition in Naarden. Naarden the Art Fair focuses on early modern, modern and contemporary art

PAN Amsterdam 2023

This year, the PAN Amsterdam Art Fair will take place from 19 – 26 November. Okker Art Gallery will share a booth with Tom Okker Art. At the PAN Art Fair, there are thousands of art, design and antiques objects on show. All objects at the PAN are tested by independent experts on quality, condition

Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam 2023

From 1 – 5 November, the Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam will organize its 17th edition. As usual, at the Affordable Art Fair, all artworks are sold at a maximum of €7.500,-. This year, Okker Art Gallery can be found at the Kromhouthal in Amsterdam again. At the Affordable Art Fair, we will exhibit a versatile collection

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