Nissim Men

Nissim Men, born in 1960 in Tel Aviv, Israël.

Visual artist and photographer Nissim Men (1960) was born in Tel Aviv. He studied photography at the Academy of Art and Design Bezalel in Jerusalem and has worked and traveled extensively around the world.

Nico Koster

In 1969 maakte hij samen met Henk van der Meijden een reportage over John Lennon en Yoko Ono in het Hilton Hotel te Amsterdam.

Geert Kollau

Geert Kollau (1978) is a Dutch mixed-media/photo artist, who, after having lived over a decade a tumultuous live in Amsterdam, has returned to his roots in the south of The Netherlands to fully focus on his work as an artist

Bastiaan Kijzers

Bastiaan Kijzers was born in Delft in 1962. Kijzers has always been involved with nature from an early age on. He was very interested in plants and birds which eventually made him draw them. Ultimately, he became a biologist as a profession. However, after years of studying biology it turned out that scientific research as his ultimate profession could not bring Kijzers to what he wanted to reach as in life.

Photography offered a solution, with which he could tell his own story in. Kijzers has found the opportunity to find time for ”unbound photo work” during his busy life. He went on a voyage of discovery in various places, such as building sites, public gardens, paths, green strips and landscaped nature. At any place he was located at he could find these small spots of nature.  

Edo Kars

Edo Kars, photographer / visual artist, is originally an advertising photographer who graduated in audio visual and photography at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. After being in the business for over 20 years, his portfolio reveals almost any subject.

Martijn Gijsbertsen

Martijn Gijsbertsen studeerde af aan de Fotoacademie in Amsterdam met de fotoserie ‘Same Time Same Place‘. De internationale Pride Photo Award beloonde deze serie met de tweede prijs. Vandaag de dag vormen portretseries de rode draad door het oeuvre van de fotograaf. Kracht en kwetsbaarheid zijn hierin terugkerende thema’s.

Didier Engels

After a career of more than 30 years in the research of textures (25 years as textile stylist and 5 years as interior design architect), Didier Engels has shifted towards photography.

As self-taught Belgian photographer, he started his photographic work DRY DOCK and KAAIEN in January 2015

Eric Bruinwoud

The fact that Eric is born in 1961, is not the reason he named his company e61 Photography. In 1961 the Italian firm Faema launched a new type off espresso machine, naming it e61. Eric has a profound love for good coffee. In 2003 Eric almost bought a refurbished e61 espresso machine. Almost, the machine went to a higher bidder. Instead Eric named his photo studio “e61″ adding Photography later.

Friso Boven

Friso Boven (1986) is a pure visual thinker. Thoughts, concepts and stories arise entirely in forms and images, which he captures and expresses in various widely diverse photographic styles.

Although born in Groningen, Friso was raised in Kano, Manchester, Seoul and New Delhi, driving him to further develop his skills rapidly. Consequently, he learned to express himself by drawing and later through photography. Friso is one of the rare self-taught photographers whose work has been acquired by both the Caldic Collection as the AkzoNobel Art Foundation.

Boven’s work covers a wide variety of genres, themes and styles. From fashion photography to autonomous art, from improvised street photography to staged studio sessions. His work is known for his highly original use of perspective, emotional engagement and an inexhaustible interest in people. Each of his images serve as an invitation to look at the world from another angle and always allow the possibility to shed a different light on the subject.

Paul Blanca

This outsider not only brings up strong emotions with himself, but also with others: Paul Blanca. The self-taught photographer, born as Paul Vlaswinkel in 1958 in Amsterdam, makes his way through current commerce with his black and white and sometimes color photography. The ‘’tragic’’ is the guiding principle in his large format negatives: he believes in that one expression in that particular moment.

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