Kars, Edo

edo-karsEdo Kars, photographer / visual artist, is originally an advertising photographer who graduated in audio visual and photography at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. After being in the business for over 20 years, his portfolio reveals almost any subject.

In the advertising industry, he is shooting from serious portraits to glossy cars. From traditional black and white landscapes to the most crazy eyebrow raising post production demanding scenarios. Being on location far away the one week, shooting a beauty shot in the studio the week after. No matter what subject or project, Edo Kars will be the consummate professional to handle the job. Despite his easygoing manner, he maintains the confidence of the photographer who knows he can get the job done and will advise where asked.

The diversity of my work keeps me focused. If I would be shooting for example only cars, or stills or just the opposite only fashion, I would get bored. To get the chance to do every time something different, not only in subject but also in style, that keeps me sharp and inspired. Being part of a team of the best people that we have around in our network, I have the feeling that we can create the best result for our clients over and over again.

His advertising images show his technical experience, but his shots are always full of emotional involvement. Although traditionally skilled he embraces possibilities that derive from new technologies including 3D / CGI. Advertising agencies especially find the way to Edo when they need an ‘advertising problem-solver’. If they want an image that involves technical skills, but don’t want to end up with an artificial visual. Edo Kars solves the problem with a human touch.

After shooting concepts for clients and advertising agencies, Edo Kars is now more and more concentrating on his personal work. Using his technical experience and skills to make the most exceptional art. In 2015 he started working on his project ‘Size does matter’:

Nowadays, photography is more populair than ever. We consume more images than ever before, due to social media, smart phones etc. Everyone is able to quickly share and see photos during the whole day. And we do.

Only, because of where and how we consume all this image data, we hardly ever really look at photographs any more, we see images on a screen not bigger than a couple of inches. Photography is worth looking at ! In the highest quality ever. Size does matter.

Edo Kars his work is rewarded many times by AOP,  ADCN , Cannes Lions, EuroBest, Clio awards, Communication Arts,  American Photography,  Graphis, IPA and Montreux. In 2001 Edo Kars received the prestigious European Epica Photography Award (Stone Prize).

The ‘Bugs series’ have received the Communication Awards and they received an honorable mention in the categorie ‘fine art’ at IPA in the US.

Some people find it hard that they can not place me in a box, and thats good ! We always like to make something new and inspiring.

You can view some of Edo’s work on this website or request for his portfolio through his studio in Amsterdam or contact one of his agents.

Edo Kars his fine art is represented by Okker Art Gallery, Amsterdam.

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